If you’re like me and take an interest in politics, its likely you had a long night on Tuesday. I turned in around 12:30, before Pennsylvania had been called and Trump had been projected the winner. I wanted to stay up to watch the whole thing, but wherever political interest comes in on the hierarchy of needs, sleep for sure comes before it, and thus takes precedence. I went to sleep slightly unsettled, not knowing what the future would hold. I’m no big fan of either candidate, I agreed and disagreed with them both on many topics. I awoke to the news that Trump had clinched that magic number of 270 Electoral Votes, and had become the President-Elect of the United States. It felt strange, I couldn’t believe it was over. A year and a half of constant poll watching, televised debates, and more Twitter debates with strangers than I’d like to admit. It felt strange, but  it felt good. I’m simultaneously satisfied and dissatisfied with the result. A lot of you are probably wondering the same question I am:

What Now?

Well, if you voted for Trump, of course it is time for you to celebrate. Your candidate just pulled off a feat thought to be impossible. But in your victory celebration, be sure to be humble and gentle in your victory. This has been a tough election for everyone involved, and bragging and making asses of yourselves is not the way you want to start your candidate’s presidency. Be celebratory, but be kind.

As for Clinton supporters, I know you are upset. You have probably spent almost a year and a half filled with hate for this man, and now he is going to be your president. He may have said things that make you seethe with rage, you may disagree with him on every one of his policies, but its time to accept the results and move forward. Don’t be a sore loser, that’s probably what Trump would have been if he had lost, aren’t you all supposed to be above him?

Just like after Brexit, people almost immediately took to the Internet to express their disdain of the result of the election saying that he is #NotMyPresident. Well, sadly he is going to be your president. He won fair and square (the electoral college is painful, but it’s fair) and the time now isn’t to whine. If you want to stop him and his agenda, get to work on the 2018 midterm elections to try to change the makeup of Congress, and look ahead to 2020, where you can unseat him. There is still work to do.

As for all of America, now is a time for healing. This election has ripped our country apart. It has brought out the worst in us, it has torn families and friends apart, it has made us hate our fellow man. We cannot let this division to continue. Before you are a liberal, a conservative, a Democrat, or a Republican, you are first and foremost an American, and so are the people who supported the other candidate. The time now has come to make amends. Those people you defriended or unfollowed because of their views? Go add them back, send them a message to let them know that you value their friendship over politics. That relative whose political ramblings drive you up the wall? Call them up and tell them you love them, no matter how crazy their beliefs are. Extend an olive branch to those who you may have spent months loathing.I feel that the country can now patch the wounds this election has left on us, and the speeches by Trump, Clinton, and President Obama gave me a sense of assurance that we can rebuild. Now is the time for healing. 

Personally, I wish Donald Trump the best of luck as president. He ran on the promise to “Make America Great Again”, and I hope that he can help us achieve greatness, in a way that is beneficial to ALL Americans, no matter their race, class, age, religion, or sexual orientation. No matter who you wanted to win, wherever you fall on the political spectrum, it is important to remember that at the end of the day, we are all Americans, and we stand, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.