The Cruz v Sanders match up proved to be quite a show, and was really enjoyable. The civility between the two is really nice to see. I came into this not too well versed on the issue and not having overly positive opinions of either senator. My take:
Cruz definitely outperformed sanders in almost every way. He came incredibly prepared, with facts to back up his arguments. He brought up some really interesting points, especially regarding the idea of health care as a right. He learned how to act like a human finally, and had some pretty funny moments throughout the debate. I learned a lot about the anti-Obamacare position from what he had to say, he proves a lot smarter than most people give him credit for.
Sanders started off alright, and definitely had an advantage going in, as his plan is to mostly keep Obamacare as opposed to the yet-to-be-heard-of republican position. He had a lack of facts to back up his arguments, instead reverting to loud, vague statements to get his point across. His worst moment was when he basically told the Texan hairdresser that she’s gonna have to find a way to pay for healthcare for her employees. And of course it was only a matter of time before he fell back on his usual socialist rhetoric (you know exactly what I mean by that). He had potential going in, but threw most of it away with a lack of preparation.
The amount of civility shown between the two was fantastic, this debate stands in clear contrast to the mud-and-blood debates of the 2016 election.
Overall, Cruz won handily. He was much more prepared and held himself much better than Sanders. On the actual issue, I am still not swayed by either side, one seems to be more government control while the other gets rid of all of it. I think if they met in the middle (which they said they were open to several times) we could find some real solutions to this issue.