(Note: I’m writing this at half past midnight, so there may be some grammatical errors. I’ll fix it up tomorrow I promise)
On Thursday, evidence surfaced showing that current Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with a Russian ambassador during the election. During his confirmation hearings, then-Senator Sessions was asked by Senator Al Franken if he, as a Trump campaign surrogate, had spoken to the Russians during the campaign. To that question Sessions answered no.
Now if you take that information as I just said at face value, without doing anymore research into the details of this, you’d be justified in thinking that Sessions lied before Congress and thus is guilty of perjury.
However facts are more important than feelings, no matter how much you hate Jeff Sessions. Let’s take a closer look at what happened
Senator Jeff Sessions is a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. Among other things, one of the parts of that job is to meet with foreign diplomats often. Sessions has met with diplomats from many countries, as have other members of that committee (and yes, senator McCaskill lied about not meeting with ambassadors).
In the confirmation hearing, Franken asks Sessions about his role as a surrogate for the Trump campaign. He brings up the then freshly surfaced but now discredited Russian dossier on Trump, then proceeds to ask Senator Sessions if as a surrogate he met with any Russian diplomats. Sessions replies that he hasn’t.
And as far as we know (because that’s all we know) he is telling the truth. Yes, Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador during the campaign season, because that is part of his day job.
If you still think that Sessions discussed campaign matters with the diplomat, you’re jumping to conclusions without any evidence to support your claim.
Right now I believe that AG Sessions is telling the truth, because i have no evidence that proves otherwise. If transcripts or recordings of these meetings arises and campaign matters are discussed, then obviously Sessions is guilty of perjury and I will believe that. Until then, I refuse to jump to conclusions regarding this issue.

(On the topic of Sessions recusing himself from investigations involving the campaign, I fully support his recusal. Personal bias and conflict of interest are dangerous)

In the modern era of fake news, knee-jerk reactions to things like this do nothing but make you look stupid. If you don’t like Sessions (and there are plenty of reasons not to), wait until there is credible evidence to make a claim, instead of reading headlines and speculating.
When democrats react like the way they did to this, it only harms their cause and makes them lose credibility. To properly “resist” involves being careful about what stories you go after and how you judge information. Turning the dial to 11 over every little thing and going into overdrive on speculations just lets conservatives and trump supporters laugh at the movement.
Actively resisting is great, but show temperance in what you go after, lest you become a joke movement.