It happened again. How many times is this? Or is there no point in counting? The places are too familiar, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Nice, to name a few. And now London. This time it felt a little closer to home, a few months ago I stood in the exact spot it happened and watched the joy of a cycling event in front of me. The center point of one of the greatest nations on Earth is soaked in the blood of innocents.

It feels like it has gotten to a point where the idea of people ramming vehicles into crowds of innocent bystanders has become accepted and tolerated as sort of the norm, but it shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t have to take terrorism into account when we plan vacations to places like Europe. Attacks like this aren’t just something we have to live with. For the sake of us ALL, we cannot let this become the new normal.

The solutions might be confusing, they might anger people, they might make people think we are being counterproductive, but a solution must be followed. And the solution won’t be as easy as “throw ’em out” or “take them all in”. Issues like this are complex, with roots in conflicts that are hundreds of years old. No solution will be easy, but one must be found. Stifling conversations that are “too hard to have” is only going to make our problems worse, and yelling at each other won’t fix it either. We have to take a proactive approach to working out the solutions to this, even if it hurts a little. Or a lot. This is one of our generation’s biggest fights.

We can’t sit around and watch things like this happen, offer our thoughts and prayers, change the color of the Eiffel Tower for a night, and sit around until the next one happens. Every one of these attacks should be treated like what they are: affronts against humanity.

Whatever solutions we follow, no matter what steps we take, there is one thing we cannot do: We cannot let this become the new normal.