On Saturday afternoon, a group of White Nationalists, led by Richard Spencer, assembled in a city park in Charlottesville, Virginia, in a rally that they called “#UniteTheRight”. Counter-protestors arrived en masse soon after, and conflicts broke out between the two groups. Following the outbreak of violence, police began to disperse the crowds. Soon after, a car plowed into a crowd of counter-protestors, injuring several and killing one.

Many of the White Nationalists had showed up to this rally armed with assault weapons and wearing armor, they were looking for a fight. They were trying to live out perverted boyhood dreams of fighting, like violence is some sort of game, and they see themselves as the defenders of the “noble cause” of preserving White civilization. The night before they had gathered together and marched carrying torches, directly invoking imagery of the KKK. They had begun the day by chanting “Blood and Soil” while marching, and now there is blood on the soil.

(Note: There are many names these people go by and can be be referred to by, e.g. White Nationalists, Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis, Total Losers)

Let’s make this clear: These people, and their man-child leader Richard Spencer, are a bunch of racist losers crying over fake problems. They are adherents to a sick, hateful, and just plain wrong ideology and everything they stand for is entirely antithetical to the values that we as Americans hold dear. These people are fearful that “they” (as in white people, who they claim to speak for) are being “replaced” as the dominant majority in America. Their dream is essentially America as an all-white welfare state, a very similar goal to that of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party. Their views, their beliefs, and their goals are completely against everything America as a nation stands for.

The resounding national response to this event in Charlottesville was the swift denunciation of this group and their beliefs (aside from President Trump, who seems to be valuing the support of racists over basic morals). Folks of all political stripes have denounced the morally reprehensible Alt-Right as well as the violence they perpetrated on Saturday. We have made it clear that the racist and hateful views of the Alt-Right are not welcome in our society. Their goal was to “unite the right”, and they succeeded in uniting the Right, along with all sides of the political spectrum, against them and their views. A national embarrassment has united America against a common foe, one that we can all agree is against everything America stands for.
Update: President Trump has now denounced the people responsible, it did take way too long though