Dear Mr. President,

I speak for many people when I say you have let the country down tremendously. You have been in office for seven months, and the only thing you have to show is embarrassment, blunder, mistake, and failure. People voted for you because they wanted change, change that would improve our country and unite us, not further divide and demoralize us. You said that you would make the world respect us again, but instead you have alienated allies, aggravated enemies, and have turned us into the laughing stock of the world. It is only seven months into your Presidency and the country is tired and fatigued at the constant political horror show of which you seem to the ring leader.

Aside from expected and minuscule victories like repealing regulations and appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, you have no substantial victories to claim. You inherited a solid economy (despite your claims of inheriting “a mess”), and that seems to be the only thing you haven’t wrecked yet. Your legislative agenda has fallen flat on its face, and you have constantly been the one to trip it up.

Time after time, tweet after tweet, you have proven that you lack the maturity to lead as powerful a nation as ours. Nobody genuinely cares what you think about Joe Scarborough, The New York Times, The Washington Post, or any other organization or person lucky enough to land in your 140-character crosshairs. You seem to take the term “bully pulpit” too seriously in your constant ad hominem-brimming diatribes. It was just yesterday you tweeted out a debunked story of a war crime from over one hundred years ago; you’re now on the intellectual level of that one friend from high school everyone has who shares grainy, edgy, right-wing posts on their Facebook and then personally attacks anyone who dares to enter the comment section. No one is intimidated by your tweets, not China, Not North Korea, not Mitch McConnell, not Chuck Schumer. Your reckless online habits are beneath the dignity of the office which you occupy.

I’ll give you credit in that you managed to unite practically the entire country in being repulsed by your wishy-washy and too-little-too-late denunciation of white nationalists, who empowered by your rhetoric, converged on a town and instigated violence that resulted in the death of a young woman. Any made-up excuse you’ve pulled up over the last week hasn’t flown with anyone with of speck of intellectual honesty and a sense of reality. We all know very well that when you don’t like someone, you very clearly let them know. I can’t stand by while the President of The United States of America goes soft on racists and bigots, and engages in whataboutism when confronted with the actions of those that you fully condemn only following tremendous pressure. I cannot understand why you would support keeping up statues honoring traitors, or why you would compare those men who took up arms against the Constitution (that you swore to preserve, protect and defend) to the same men who wrote that very document. Of all your blunders, these incidents over the past week have been the most embarrassing and demoralizing, and are all self-inflicted. Who knew that threatening nuclear war with another country would be the second-worst thing you did in one week?

As an Eagle Scout, I was abhorred at how you turned what should have been an inspiring speech to the young men and their families at the National Jamboree into a campaign speech where you patted yourself on the back for imaginary achievements. Those young men saw the example you set for them, I pray that they follow the tenants of the Scout Oath and Law so that they can rise above the terrible example you set for them. You had the opportunity to inspire a huge group of young men to work hard and to be good citizens, and you instead stroked your own ego from behind a podium. You embarrassed a proud organization, one that has done more good for this country then you could ever hope to.

You came into this office with promises, and although I understand that no President is able to deliver on all of their campaign promises, you have consistently proven that you are incapable of scoring victories when the ball is in your court. Any other President with a bicameral majority would be out pushing their legislative agenda and scoring victories, not golfing every other weekend, failing to deliver basic campaign promises, then throwing the blame on everyone but themselves.

Your approval ratings continue to drop every day, no matter how many cherry-picked anomalous polls you manage to find. America has lost faith in your ability to lead. In recent months, I have said it is time for you to get off of twitter, to grow up, and to stop picking pointless fights, but my opinion has evolved. I refuse to be intellectually dishonest to defend a man who is neither intellectual nor honest. The events of the last week have definitively proven to me, and to millions of Americans, that you lack the basic capacity to lead this country forward any longer. This isn’t the fault of Barack Obama, the “Deep State”, CNN, The New York Times, Paul Ryan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeff Sessions, Bob Mueller, John McCain, Sadiq Khan, Saturday Night Live, or anyone else. You put all of the nails in your own coffin, from start to finish.

Mr. President, it is time for you to step down and resign the Presidency. If you do so, the reins of power get handed to your close associate Mike Pence, who will no doubt continue to fight for your agenda, but will execute it in a much more professional and mature manner, one that may yield tangible results. If you really care about your agenda, and about making America great again, you will realize your flaws, admit defeat, and step down with a modicum of honor.

I hope you realize that you cannot, to the best of your ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States, and will resign the Office of the President of The United States.

With high hopes for my country’s future,

George Alderman